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The Government is much like the leadership of any business, with uneducated, inexperienced or antiquated leadership, a business fails. This is exactly the situation in America Today. We have advancing technology, terrorism and national decay that is beyond the level of many in our Government. This is often the situation of most cities or even states, but most importantly at the current rate of change in America, it becomes even more important. It is for this reason that I am offering all my education, experience and dedication in an effort to Do More Faster with our U.S. Senate. We need to work together if you expect Texas to thrive for our families in the foreseeable future. We need Quality Technological Industries with High Paying jobs and efficient Government spending if we expect success. Many states are increasing taxes, this is the issue with America, It is a DEATH TRAP. Please share and help make the change we all need in Texas. Vote McQueen for U.S. Senate!


The 2nd Amendment is Paramount, I am an NRA & DPS Handgun Instructor. I believe it is a continued duty of our Military to carry a firearm (qualification required) to assist in the security of our citizens. The increased threat of Illegal Immigrants, Drug Traffickers, Terrorists and Criminals makes Security our nations top priority.


We have allowed American Intellectual Property to slip away into foreign business growth. This makes innovation even more vital to the success of America and Texas. We must focus on an education process that creates new industries and high paying quality jobs. We cannot continue this growth of Fast Food Business to support our tax base. Innovation, Value Education programs and NEW Quality Employment programs are needed as we move more into the automated revolution. This requires Leadership that understands the impact of Technology and how to create businesses.


Term Limits - Term Limits - Term Limits, we cannot continue the antiquated leadership with career politicians. Government is intended to be for the people, we currently have a Government for the Government. The President is entitled to Two, four year terms, Senate should have ONE, Six year term and Representatives should have three, two year terms, this would balance the leadership terms. Additionally, there needs to be a 20% cut of Congress across the board, reducing representatives to every one million constituents, with the new digital age, communication is more streamline. The inability to govern efficiently is impacted by to large a managerial group combined with the growth of career politicians with little life experience. Let's put American's First for our Future!

Health Care

America deserves affordable health care, but this does not mean we need an Insurance Policy, Stop Crutching up the Bank and Insurance Businesses with Tax Dollars and use competitive trade in medical and insurance businesses. These are separate issues.

Strengthen America

I could tell you that I am the best candidate for U.S. Senate because I have tracked actual Soviet and Russian Submarines, deployed with Navy Seal Teams and Army Special Forces, or because I have been involved in some of the most classified military weapon system development. I could even tell you that I would be the best candidate because I have a strong business background, strong technological background and in the new cyber war, I will be the best in our defense and our technological job creation. I could also mention that I actually saved tax dollars and have been directly involved in cutting millions of dollars of spending by creating process improvements and technological program changes. All of this might be true, but what is most important is that I fight for YOU! I have fought FAKE NEWS, across Enemy Lines and we have a lot of work to do if we want to secure the future for our families. Most of all, I came home to Texas to fight for my HOME. It is time we all focus on our Success. America and Texas is depending on YOU! Make your vote count for VALUE in STRENGTHENING AMERICA!


Dan McQueen, CEO & Chief Engineer, AEROTDE, LLP, Candidate for Texas U.S. Senate. He has forty years in the aircraft industry and has been involved in the certification of many aircraft models. He holds his Master's of Science Degree from Boston University in Computer Information Systems & Program Management, Bachelor's of Science, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, and an equivalent in Electrical Engineering from military training programs. He is a highly decorated Navy Veteran and has served for Texas and the United States of America all his life. God Bless America! Strengthen America and the American People!

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