Moving Forward with the Campaign after Harvey!

The impact from Hurracane Harvey is just beyond belief. Lives have been lost and families displaced with massive damage to property. The campaign was halted and we focused on the true value, our family and friends. We are moving forward with the campaign, though as a Navy SAR Rescue Swimmer, my priority is saving lives, not political strategizing. The most important factors in my campaign are the people of Texas. It is for this reason that I find it even more difficult asking my friends and family for campaign donations. So to assist in the funding of my campaign for U.S. Senate, I have placed my Corpus Christi Commercial Property on the market and have created a contest for funding the purchase.

The McQueen MotorCycle Café Essay & Rib Contest was announced when Dan McQueen decided to hold a contest to sell his Real Property in order to help fund his Senatorial Campaign. The recent impact from Harvey created both a financial devastation but also created a humanitarian impact. People will need Jobs and homes FAST. It is crazy to ask friends, family and neighbors for money to fund an election campaign, after many have lost everything. So Dan McQueen has placed his down town Corpus Christi Texas business on the market and also formed this contest to help fund the purchase for some who may have lost everything. The proceeds from the sale of his 12,000 sqft Commercial property located Down Town Corpus Christi will assist in the funding of his Senatorial Campaign. He has been consistently working in the aircraft industry and the McQueen MotorCycle Café in Corpus Christi was going to be the first location for his transitional e-bike to personal aerial transport vehicle sales location and entertainment venue. However because the need for jobs is NOW and his product release is years away, he wants to accelerate the job creation with other opportunities. This is why he has placed key contest requirements on who has the idea on the best jobs and the fastest growth for the region. He wants all American’s to have a shot at the American Dream while also helping the Texas Coastal Region, and yes, funding his campaign for U.S. Senate. Visit: for more details.


The Essay Contest is one way to win the location, Follow the rules and process to has the best chance of success. Many have lost everything, this is one way to get your footing and relocate your home and business to Corpus Christi.


The Closed bid will be held until the end of the contest. At that point, the highest bid will be determined if beyond the amount of the contest, you may win!


The purchase price is on advertised location and sights, if you are simply interested in a straight purchase, this is the last process.

Click for the Forms below!

Rules PDF File
Contest Summary PDF File
Sale Flyer PDF

We need to do more faster, we need to create jobs, Harvey has taken homes and businesses, the nation can't continue without quality jobs.

Every day we lose money, other nations are moving faster ahead!

Corpus Christi Texas

Located just blocks from the Corpus Christi Bay and the beauty of both a dynamic business mecca and nature at it's finest.

Corpus Christi is located on the center of the Texas Gulf Coast and is home to the military, nature lovers and financial entrepreneurs.

Create the Dream of America in your new home and business location and walk to the bay to watch dolphin or pelican glide by.


Dan McQueen, CEO & Chief Engineer, AEROTDE, LLP, Candidate for Texas U.S. Senate. He has forty years in the aircraft industry and has been involved in the certification of many aircraft models. He holds his Master's of Science Degree from Boston University in Computer Information Systems & Program Management, Bachelor's of Science, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, and an equivalent in Electrical Engineering from military training programs. He is a highly decorated Navy Veteran and has served for Texas and the United States of America all his life. God Bless America! Strengthen America and the American People!

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