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The best way for me to communicate across Texas is by providing a brief 2 minute pitch on subjects that impact America. I welcome your view and if any other political candidate would like to agree and use my view, i'm fine with helping. Please understand that I am human and my view is based on my life experience, it may change as I continue to learn, that doesn't make me a flip flopper. If you disagree, please be nice, I will listen and your view is more important anyway, I will try to understand your view, but please don't get mad if I don't agree. God Bless America

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Dan McQueen, CEO & Chief Engineer, AEROTDE, LLP, Candidate for Texas U.S. Senate. He has forty years in the aircraft industry and has been involved in the certification of many aircraft models. He holds his Master's of Science Degree from Boston University in Computer Information Systems & Program Management, Bachelor's of Science, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, and an equivalent in Electrical Engineering from military training programs. He is a highly decorated Navy Veteran and has served for Texas and the United States of America all his life. God Bless America! Strengthen America and the American People!

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Life brings many adventures and stories, take each day as a step forward into your future. So contact me and we can play a round of golf or enjoy a cup of coffee. My focus is to bring together a clearer & Successful vision in the future of America and Texas!

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